Nepalese people nowadays are using more digital channels than traditional channels for researching their traveling destinations and for booking a hotel and getting tickets for airways. There has been use of google to search as well as people tend to search the facebook and instagram pages to gather the needed information in less time and with less effort. 

This gives rise to a new way of reaching the customers. Customers too can get the assurance of service by booking faster and better. 

Here are the main reasons why digital marketing is needed by hospitality companies in Nepal.

Initially, it will increase brand awareness. Digital marketing will also increase the visibility of brands across all digital channels.

After that increasing reach will ensure more bookings. Also online share of consumer or generic content like reviews, posts and photos will be beneficial for new sets of potential consumers as consumers these days tend to believe less content provided by companies and believe more market user-generated content.

Over time it will give a competitive edge to the company than from competitors.

Consumers are relying more and more on the digital information than from the traditional sources. Companies too are making their presence through different digital channels like websites, social media pages and affiliative marketing channels or online travel agencies.

One of the great advantages of digital media is the rise of ‘micro-moments’ through google platform. Consumers tend to search needed information instantly before booking, at the time of booking and after booking of services. This right strike of micro moment and consumer being able to decide within a very short period of time has given rise in sale.

This, however, was not present in the traditional media.

There is use of multi-channel digital marketing by the hospitality companies in Nepal. They have their own website, own social media pages, use affiliative marketing national and international platforms, do email marketing, use chat box and many more. 

The use of digital marketing channels in Nepal has not been practiced for so long. However, since Nepal has lots of hotels, resorts, cafeterias, airlines, recreational centres and as such growing, the use of digital marketing channels is only going to rise in days to come.

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