Nepal is the land of welcoming people. The smile with generosity, the affection shared with guests and caring with pure heart is unmatched with anyone from other places. ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, guests are treated as God, is a line practiced since very long and is intact in the mind of people.  

It is enriched with natural beauty that ranges from ever tranquil places to rugged high altitude landscape and to gorging rivers. It attracts many people that seek peace or adrenaline rush or both.

It is a home of multicultural, multi linguistic, multireligious and diverse people with rich cultural heritage. Anyone coming to this homey country can get into touch with multiple festivals, foods, languages and different ritual practices. 

Though this country might be small but has a long and boastful history. It has a history of many ancient rulers, has a history of different cultures and not to forget is Gautam Buddha born in this country.

Hospitality or precisely the hotel industry is one of the major sectors of Nepali economy. This sector is growing immensely. 

There are various ranges of hotels from local to 5-star property. Also, the concept of homestay at different localities is on the rise as it provides guests will be able to know the lifestyle of ethnic people along with their food. Hospitality is just more than hotel or accommodation services. 

 There are many airlines of national and international level touching this land on an everyday basis. There are modern recreational service providers that are attractive to young people not only to domestic people but to the international community as well. There are local and modern restaurants in numbers which serve the needs of many types of guests. And many other hospitable touch by the people to the guests who are considered as God.

Overall the hospitality industry in Nepal is ever increasing. Though the pandemic situation has hit the fall down to this sector, but, as the previous patterns of inflow of tourists from all around the world shows that it is going to rise once the backlash of pandemic is over. 

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