With pleasing natural beauty, multiple religious groups living in harmony and peace, multidimensional historical background, Nepal is a touristic country as it opens to foreign world. It is widely considered as the most beautiful country. It is the go-to destination for high altitude trekking, cultural heritage, natural tourism and such on. So, with all these reasons guests visit this country in numbers. 

But what about the frontliners who get to touch with the guests? 

How do you find the people of Nepal and their smile? 

Do you think that the smile of people contains purity that comes straight from the heart?

Have you ever felt the connection with Nepali people and thought those people are my own?

If your mind comes out with positive thoughts in all those questions than you might agree that Nepali people are truly hospitable. They are friendly, warm and welcoming. They are well pleased with their culture, foods, music and overall lifestyle. 

You are never reprieved with the respect wherever you have visited throughout the nooks and corners of this beautiful country. Guests are considered as God and the famous line ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ conveys that Guests are equal to God. 

Though the lifestyle in the remote part of the country is hard, still, people here think to treat Gods well and their high moral obligation.

One thing the hospitable gestures provided to guests make them remember for so long and even strikes in their back of mind to revisit this country. 

Many tourists while returning to their country consider Nepal as their second home. This can be seen in the consumer generic comments in the popular social media like facebook and youtube. 

Small Nepali girls with joyous smile.

This country has so much to offer. There are differences in people and their culture, differences in landscape and vegetation and differences in almost everything when guests are travelling to different parts of this country. 

Despite all the differences one thing remains intact throughout the country that Nepali people are hospitable in Nature. This is the reason why many atithi or Guests in English consider this beautiful country as their second home.

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