Service and hospitality are terms coined and sometimes interchangeably used in the same domain. It is quite common that we often use the service for hospitality. There are marketing books and studies in which hospitality is commonly said as ‘superior service’ even in the Marketing Management book by Philip Kotler.

So can we say superior service as hospitable or hospitality?

Coming to this time, i.e in 2021, do you think these two are completely different or these falls in the same category?

Many consider the service represents the task to be performed while dealing with customers and hospitality represents the soul through which customers are getting a unique and very enjoyable experience. 

Previously there used to be an economy of a country dominated by the product economy. As the competition rose and there was a hoard of differentiation among many brands, almost all companies associated some sort of service while delivering the products like warranty, guarantee and home delivery. 

After that there was a rise of service oriented business like banking service, insurance service and even government service. With the rise of many service sectors, products and sales too were associated with service in order to be unique and differentiate from a large number of competitors the service sectors dominated the overall economy of many countries. At present developed countries have a large share of pie with the service sector and small pie with the product sector.   

Hospitality on the other hand is differentiated than service and is widely considered as it is practiced differently and studied differently too. There are basically four segments in the hospitality industry namely: Food & Beverage, Travel & Tourism, Lodging and Recreation.

The four segments in the hospitality industry are backed by hospitality that is not based on the foundation of only providing service or even superior service but ensures to be hospitable by providing unique and soul filled warmth as per customer requirement which customers remember for so long.

Also it is also believed that some people by their roots and upbringing have a unique element when they encounter guests. This applies to Nepali people as there are instances all over the internet and throughout the world that our hospitality is shared and remembered by gurests.

So, it can be said that hospitality lies within, it is coming from the soul or atleast a professional needs years of practice to be hospitable. In this regard hospitality differs from the service and from superior service as well.

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